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Oil below $50: OPEC’s production cap plan is backfiring as U.S. shale enters ‘near nirvana’

by Jesse Snyder, March 10, 2017

Vicky Hollub, the CEO of Occidental Petroleum Corp., speculated that Permian production could in coming years reach as high as four or five million barrels per day, up from around 2.2 million bpd today.

A confluence of factors has created “near nirvana” for the U.S. shale industry, analysts at Citi Group said in a recent research note. Among those factors was the OPEC-led agreement to curb oil supplies in an attempt to lift prices.

California Megaflood: Lessons from a Forgotten Catastrophe

by B. Lynn Ingram, January 1, 2013

 43-day storm that began in December 1861 put central and southern California underwater for up to six months, and it could happen again

Geologic evidence shows that truly massive floods, caused by rainfall alone, have occurred in California every 100 to 200 years. Such floods are likely caused by atmospheric rivers: narrow bands of water vapor about a mile above the ocean that extend for thousands of kilometers.

Les États-Unis, exportateurs nets d’énergie en 2026 ?

L’EIA américaine a publié la semaine dernière ses dernières projections portant sur le mix énergétique des États-Unis d’ici à 2040. Présentation de quelques grandes tendances annoncées, à moins de 10 jours de l’investiture de Donald Trump outre-Atlantique.

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