by Cap Allon, Sep 29, 2020 in Electroverse

A merdional (wavy) jet stream flow is diverting brutal polar air to the mid-latitudes in BOTH hemispheres. Every continent on the planet is currently receiving out-of-season snow and anomalous cold, with a few of the worst hit nations being New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and France.



A spring weather bomb has battered New Zealand, closing roads, dumping snow on beaches and causing dozens of flight cancellations.

The NZ Met service has described the low-pressure system moving up the country from Antarctica as “very unusual in how widespread and severe the weather is” — they have called it a significant weather event.

The National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research said parts of the South Island shivered through record-breaking lows of -20C (-4F) on Monday and Tuesday.

Flights were cancelled up and down the South Island due to heavy snow.

Disruptive flurries were even reported a sea-level: very unusual for spring: