Climate Scientists Step Up the Climate Emergency Narrative

by E. Worrall, June 13, 2020 in WUWT


MIP6 Climate Sensitivities. Source Carbon Brief

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Even worse than we thought ™. Despite a recent sanity test study which demonstrated that high end climate models hindcast impossible Eocene temperatures, climate scientists are pushing ahead anyway with their new, even more extreme climate projections.


A month ago WUWT reported a study which demonstrated the new high end climate sensitivity projections (specifically CESM2) are incompatible with the fossil record.

CESM2, one of the new models, hindcasts tropical temperatures in excess of 55C during the early Eocene, temperatures which would have made photosynthesis impossible, creating lifeless tropical deserts.

The fossil record says different; the early Eocene was a period of abundant tropical life.

Some of the newest models used to make future predictions may be too sensitive to increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide and thus predict too much warming,” said U-M’s Chris Poulsen, a professor in the U-M Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and one of the study’s three authors. – source Science Daily

Poulsen’s team are not climate skeptics. They suggested CESM1.2, the predecessor of CESM2, did a “remarkably good job” of simulating early Eocene temperatures. CESM1.2 has an equilibrium climate sensitivity of 4.2C (7.6F), vs 5.2C (9.3F) for CESM2.