Half The World At Risk Of Starvation Under Net Zero, Warn Top Climate Experts

by C. Morrisson, Mar 3, 2023 in ClimateChangeDispatch

Billions of people around the world face starvation if Net Zero policies ban the production of nitrogen fertilizer derived from fossil fuels.

This is the stark warning from two top American scientists who say that eliminating fossil fuel-derived nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides “will result in about half the world’s population not having enough food to eat.” [emphasis, links added]

They add that eliminating Net Zero fertilizer will create “worldwide starvation.”

In a wide-ranging paper titled ‘Challenging ‘Net Zero’ with Science‘, Emeritus Professors William Happer and Richard Lindzen of Princeton and MIT respectively, along with geologist Gregory Wrightstone, state that Net Zero – the global movement to eliminate fossil fuels and carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emissions – to be “scientifically invalid and a threat to the lives of billions of people”.

The battle over nitrogen fertilizer is being hard fought by green activists who argue for massive reductions in its use and more organic methods to be mandated.

This can extend to fanaticism, as marked by the Guardian’s George Monbiot, who argues for an end to dependence on farming. The ground for less choice and food is also being prepared in academia.

Recently, three barking academics operating through the University of Leeds suggested World War II rationing could be an effective way to reduce carbon emissions.

Also harking back to the days of spam and when spivs controlled parts of the supply chain was the actress Joanna Lumley, who suggested a return to a points distribution system and a form of wartime rationing.

Back on Planet Reality, the authors publish the graph below showing a “remarkable” increase in crop yieldsafter the widespread use of nitrogen fertilizer began around 1950.

The authors [point out that any present or future government actions that omit analysis of the disastrous consequences for low-income people, people worldwide, future generations, and the United States by reducing fossil fuels and CO2 for Net Zero are based on “fatally flawed science and appalling government policy.”]

Happer and Lindzen state that they are career physicists who have specialized in radiation physics and dynamic heat transfer for decades. These are said to be integral to atmospheric climate science. In their opinion, all Net Zero regulations are scientifically invalid.