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The Truth About Cold- And Heat-Related Deaths

by H.S. Sterling, Jul 6, 2022 in ClimateChangeDispatch

In a refreshingly honest article in the Logan Daily News, author Bud Simpson cites data from research showing deaths from non-optimal temperatures are declining amid climate change.

Simpson is right and he and the Logan Daily News are to be congratulated for discussing this important truth about climate change. [bold, links added]

In a Logan Daily News article, titled “My last global warming column?”, Simpson describes how after examining the facts over time, he went from being a firm believer that human activities were causing dangerous climate change to realizing no climate catastrophe is in the offing.

Carbon dioxide was, and is, bandied about as if it were the biggest demon on the face of the earth,” writes Simpson. “In truth, it is one of the most valuable of gases and contributes hugely to a better life for us earthlings. … Proponents of this group even tried to get carbon dioxide labeled as a toxic gas! If that were true, we’d all be dead by now. And without any warming.”

Among the research Simpson discovered that convinced him climate change was not, in fact, threatening human survival was a study published in the prominent peer-reviewed journal, The Lancet, which firmly established:

“…that worldwide, cold kills about 17 times more people than heat does. A group of 22 scientists studied over 74 million deaths in the U.S., China, Brazil, and ten other countries. The findings showed that cold caused 7.29 percent of the deaths while heat caused 0.42 percent.”