Record Cold May Weather Hits the U.S. — Climate Alarmists Blame Global Warming

by J. Murphy, May 11, 2020 in NewAmerican

Almost a full two months after the season officially ended, winter reared its ugly head in much of the United States over the weekend. A winter-type Polar Vortex has caused record cold and extremely late season snow from the Rockies to the Atlantic Ocean. What’s responsible for this late season cold? If you listen to climate alarmists, the answer is simple: global warming.

In the Northeast, higher elevation areas reported snowfalls of up to 10 inches over the weekend. New York City received a trace of snow on May 9, tying the city’s record for the latest snowfall. In Islip, New York, a town of the southern shore of Long Island, the month of May was officially snowier than the month of February. Mother’s Day celebrations across the Midwest and Northeast were ruined by cold and windy conditions in the regions. Near record cold temperatures were reported from the Dakotas stretching down Texas and across most of the eastern United States.


In climate science, researchers begin with a conclusion that they are not allowed to revise. All findings must lead to the interpretation that humans are causing a warmer planet owing to their use of fossil fuels and the accompanying release of carbon dioxide. No other conclusion can be considered. This is the result of mixing science with a political agenda. Like anything mixed with politics, the science becomes corrupted by it.

Because of that political and globalist influence, any other possible reason for unusual weather — the sun, the ocean, the clouds, the orbital variations of the Earth — is dismissed. Climate change and extreme weather must be caused by human activity or the political movement would grind to a halt.

Nobody denies that the climate is changing — because it’s always done so. But, despite what climate alarmists tell you, the reasons for those changes is very much up for debate.