Bob Ward’s Misinformation Campaign

by P. Homewood, August 1, 2018 in NotaLotofPeopleKnowThat

There have been just seven summers over 20c since 1910:









While we don’t know how this summer will work out (and neither does Bob Ward), since 2006 we have had eleven distinctly average summers.

The hot summers above are still rare events, and are all essentially weather events. There is no evidence that these extreme weather events are becoming more frequent.

A Geological Perspective of Wildfires

by David Middleton, July 31, 1018 in WUWT

This post was inspired by Anthony Watts’ recent post about wildfires and their unwillingness to cooperate with the Gorebal Warming narrative.

A Geological Perspective of Wildfires

The Fire Window

Geological evidence for ancient wildfires generally consists of sedimentary charcoal deposits (inertinite).  Fossil charcoal is also a key factor in understanding the evolution of Earth’s atmosphere, particularly oxygen content.  The first clear evidence of fire is in the Late Silurian.